Dear Community Member,

Remember the last time you were truly lost?

We’re talking about the kind of helplessness and uncertainty where directions aren’t found on a map or recalculated on a GPS.

During those times, what’s needed most is a safe, warm place.

The Gay & Lesbian Community Center (GLCC) of Pittsburgh is that place for Pgh’s LGBTQ community. For the families and friends of people identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer, we’re that safe place for them too.

We’re the place where those who have been silenced are finally heard, where connections with others are made, every day, and where acceptance is found in abundance.

Several weeks ago, Sophia* stopped by the GLCC’s offices at 210 Grant Street on her lunch hour. A paralegal at a Downtown law firm, she noticed the sign over the door and checked out our website at Her motivation for taking the brave step of opening our door was her 12 year old child who wasn’t “growing out” of his interest in “girl things.” As a mom, Sophia was worried and upset. We talked to her for an hour about gender identity and told her about programs and resources that might help ease her concerns.

The GLCC of Pittsburgh is Sophia’s community center.

Shortly after relocating to Pittsburgh for his corporate marketing job, Keith* called our phone line (412-422-0114) looking for activities where he could meet others identifying as LGBTQ.  He wasn’t interested in the bars but preferred socializing with others in a safe, friendly environment. A GLCC volunteer told Keith about several events happening that weekend near his North Hills home.

The GLCC of Pittsburgh is Keith’s community center.

The GLCC of Pittsburgh is your community center, too.

Sophia and Keith were just two people who received support from The GLCC of Pittsburgh. There are thousands of others just like them that have come to rely on the GLCC every year for very similar support.

That’s why we’re asking you to support The GLCC of Pittsburgh today with your one time or monthly tax-deductible financial gift.

Regardless of the amount, your contribution will help provide critically-needed programs for Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ community and those who care about them.  Programs such as:

∙         HIV testing

∙         Access to basic health care

∙         Social activities

∙         Youth programs

∙         After School offerings

∙         Homeless outreach and Resource Drop In

∙         Innovative partnerships with other LGBTQ organizations throughout the Western Pennsylvania region

While recent events and historic milestones may seem to indicate a lessening need for such services, the opposite is actually true.  At The GLCC of Pittsburgh, increased awareness has led to an unprecedented need among the LGBTQ community. That’s why your support is more critical now than ever.

As an all-volunteer nonprofit, even more of your donation goes directly to supporting programs. It’s what keeps The GLCC of Pittsburgh a safe and warm place, for you, for everyone.

We thank you in advance for your generosity.


-The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh


*Confidentiality is pretty important to us at The GLCC …which is why Sophia and Keith’s names aren’t their real ones. (And if you prefer, we’ll keep your donation anonymous too. Just let us know.)